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There are lots of great reasons to read and discuss The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women with others.

  • Put an end to the isolation of feeling like you’re “the only one” who feels this way
  • The chance to share your own personal experiences and insights and as importantly, to gain from the those of others who share your interest in understanding the impostor syndrome
  • Kick off a discussion about how you can help employees, students, or children to avoid or overcome impostor feelings

Scheduling permitting I’d love to “drop in” on your book group for a 30-minute conference or video/Skype chat.

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Boeing, Procter & Gamble, IBM, Ernst & Young, Chrysler, EMC, Harvard, Stanford, Society of Women Engineers, and The Conference Board are among the many organizations to host this engaging program for audiences of any size.

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This live 75-minute webinar is a highly cost-effective and convenient way to bring the overcoming the impostor syndrome message to more people within your organization. Licensing options are available for on-going training needs.

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Live video or Skype conference or tele-conference Q&A discussion with the author of The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women.

The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women Readers Share Their Success Stories

When we hear of others who have overcome long-held, self-limiting beliefs and behaviors it inspires in us the hope that we can do the same.

In the few short months since The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women has been out I’ve received dozens of emails from people telling me what a difference the book has made in their lives.

Naturally this is tremendously rewarding for me. As the great Katharine Graham said, “To love what you do and feel that it matters, how could anything else be more fun?

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Finding a Name for the Feelings

I’ll never forget the day I first learned about the Impostor Syndrome. It was 1983. A chronic procrastinator, I was in my fourth year of a doctoral program. Like a lot of graduate students, my status was what was commonly referred to as “A-B-D,” meaning I’d completed “all but the dissertation.”

I was sitting in class one day when another student rose to present the findings of a study conducted by psychology professor Pauline Clance and psychologist Suzanne Imes called The Impostor Phenomenon Among High Achieving Women (1978).


“The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women examines a common affliction and offers tools, insight, scientific evidence, and numerous examples that aim to banish the impostor for good. Valerie Young’s diligence, passion for the subject, and belief that anyone can overcome feelings of inadequacy, duplicity, and unworthiness rings loudly throughout The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women.”
~New York Journal of Books